Rob Blackie pictured outside New Scotland Yard wearing a white shirt with a grey blazer

Fix the Met

My number one priority is to Fix the Met

It is the first responsibility of the Mayor to protect Londoners. Under Sadiq Khan, the Metropolitan Police Service has deteriorated into an unacceptable state.

After eight years of Khan's leadership, the police are catching rapists half as often as they did and trust and confidence is at an all-time low. 

My plan of action

A police station sign

My pledge to you

As Liberal Democrat Mayor my top priority will be to fix the Met. I will:

  • Get hundreds of officers out of the back-office and back onto the frontline
  • Prioritise London’s funding to the Met Police over election gimmicks like the Mayor’s tourist fare freeze
  • Focus on tackling serious crime, rather than wasting time on stop and search for cannabis and laughing gas

More policy details will be released along with the Manifesto in April.