Rob Blackie speaking to staff at a youth centre

About Rob

Rob, 50, is a lifelong Londoner and lives with his wife Tam and their two children in Herne Hill.

He runs a business advising start-up tech companies, working on challenges from tackling climate change to accelerating cancer treatments.

Rob recently celebrated the all-clear from cancer himself after the removal of a cancerous kidney.

A long-standing Lib Dem, Rob has campaigned in every London borough - and now has his sights set on leading the whole city. During the Iraq War, he was a key advisor to Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy. 

Rob founded the award-winning Breaking Putin's Censorship campaign fighting Russian propaganda about the war in Ukraine. More than 400 million digital ads have now given independent news to people in Russia.  

A passionate environmentalist, Rob spent two years working on elephant conservation projects and climate change with the Namibian government. He now wants to green London with clean rivers and solar panels on every roof.

He was inspired to stand for mayor after a police officer told Baroness Casey that conviction rates for sex offences and rape had fallen so low that ‘it may as well be legal’ in London. Fixing the Met is his top priority.

In 2003 his neck was broken when he was attacked in Vauxhall. Surgeons later gave him a titanium neck, which led to the press dubbing him the ‘bionic man’.

In his spare time, Rob loves watching live bands and meeting friends down the pub. He keeps himself fit with kickboxing videos from Pop Sugar and Joe Wicks.