Tom Brake: "They are meant to be negotiating Brexit, but they can't even negotiate among themselves."

Theresa May was forced to address the damaging leaks made by infighting ministers at a cabinet meeting today, highlighting the Prime Minister's lack of control over her Conservative colleagues.

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Hundreds of thousands more passengers face chronic overcrowding on the Tube without Crossrail 2 – Caroline Pidgeon

Full details of the London Underground stations that within a few years will 'buckle’ under the strain of overcrowding have been released to Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member and Deputy Chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee.

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Labour has betrayed voters over the Single Market

The Liberal Democrats have accused Jeremy Corbyn of failing Labour voters who wanted a different approach to Brexit, after he imposed a three-line whip on his MPs to abstain on a cross-party amendment to keep the UK in the single market.

Only 49 Labour MPs voted for the amendment, fewer than a fifth, while the rest abstained.

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Lib Dems to May: what about Tory K&C council chief?

Responding to the announcement by the prime minister that the chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea has stepped down, senior London MP Tom Brake said: 

“The prime minister notes that the chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea has resigned, but what about the Conservative political leader? It was a political decision to stockpile huge cash reserves while apparently skimping on safety measures to protect disadvantaged members of the community.
“No one is looking for a witch hunt, but if heads are starting to roll, they should be the right ones. There must be political accountability.”

Celebrating Our Success


Members from across London heard from Caroline Pidgeon AM, Tom Brake MP, Ed Davey MP, and Vince Cable MP as well as others about how we managed to achieve a great result in London in the recent General election, and what our next steps should be.

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Statement on the Grenfell Tower Fire

Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat Party President and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group, commented:

"My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy, their family and friends and the emergency services who have shown such bravery in appalling circumstances.

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Lib Dems call for end of tax loophole for diesel refrigeration engines on London’s roads

On National Clean Air Day a joint submission from Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat Londonwide Assembly Member and recently elected Liberal Democrat London MPs Tom Brake, Vince Cable and Ed Davey, called for the Treasury to immediately end the tax loophole that exists for diesel used in auxiliary engines, such as refrigeration engines on supermarket lorries.

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After a year of dithering the Mayor finally does the right thing on the Garden Bridge – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem, says that Boris Johnson's Garden Bridge "vanity project" is now "dead in the water" after Sadiq Khan has at long last made a decision not to guarantee future funding.

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Government taken to court for sitting on pollution report: response

Liberal Democrats have reacted angrily to news that ministers are defending in the High Court on Thursday their decision not to release a crucial clean air plan for the UK to tackle illegal levels of air pollution.

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Government must publish pollution report – Ed Davey

Ed Davey, Lib Dem former cabinet minister for Energy and Climate Change, has said the government is reportedly blocking release of its report into air pollution because it is worried the “shaming” findings would become a major election issue.

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