Caroline talks to ITV London

Yesterday Caroline met at Brixton cycles with Simon Harris from ITV London to discuss her plans for Mayor of London.

£17 billion blackhole looks set to sink Heathrow expansion

The Campaign for Better Transport and Greenpeace have revealed that according to figures compiled by Transport for London, UK taxpayers could be asked to fork out £17 billion to cover the costs of transport needed to manage the massive surge in traffic a third runaway would require.

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Caroline Pidgeon announces plan for free wifi on bus and trams

Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon today announced plans to have free wifi installed on all London's buses and trams and at bus stops, working with sponsors and commercial partners, as part of her vision for digital London.

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Caroline's Black Cab interview

Today Caroline took a ride in Norman Smith's cab and answered questions on her plans for London and some London trivia.

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Zac's plan is nothing but an un-costed wishlist

Caroline Pidgeon today described rival candidate Zac Goldsmith's transport manifesto as nothing more than an "un-costed wish list."

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Caroline blasts Boris's bungling of police contracts

Research from Caroline Pidgeon has unearthed how the Met has wasted more than £100 million in bungled contracts.

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Caroline in Camden to discuss air quality

Caroline was in Camden this week to discuss her plans to tackle air pollution on London's streets.

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Too many councils failing to tackle rogue landlords

Government cuts to councils have resulted in a threadbare patchwork of enforcement against London’s rogue landlords, according to data obtained by Lib Dem London Assembly Member Stephen Knight.

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Building the bridges we need, not the bridges we don't

Caroline Pidgeon today welcomed the publication of a feasibility study into a proposed Bike Bridge across the Thames between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf.

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Time to end the brain drain of women from London

Caroline Pidgeon has called for more to be done to help parents, particularly mothers, with the challenge of childcare in the capital  to meet the needs of London's economy and for London to be a truly family friendly city.

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