Rob Blackie pictured with Liberal Democrat activists in a park

A Green Recovery

Now more than ever, we need a green recovery.

After eight years of Sadiq Khan in charge, his legacy will be a new motorway under the Thames, abysmal progress towards climate change targets and sewage being dumped in the Thames.

I’ve worked on environmental issues my whole life, from helping launch a recycling company, campaigning to cut sewage in the Thames, and working for the UN Climate Change Convention.

I believe that in tackling climate change and environmental issues we can unlock opportunities. 

Our green recovery will create good jobs, save households money and make our neighbourhoods more beautiful. 

Good for the environment, good for Londoners.

My plan of action

A green park is pictured with a blue sky and people relaxing on grass

My pledge to you

As Liberal Democrat Mayor, I will:

  • Increase the number of solar panels on roof tops.
  • Encourage local authorities to make it is easier to install insulation
  • Give spare London government land to local people as allotment space
  • Work to stop sewage being dumped into our rivers
  • Increase the number of electric car charging points
  • Work to make the new Sadiq Khan motorway at Silvertown more sustainable 

More policy details will be released along with the Manifesto in April.


Rob Blackie and Liberal Democrat activists pictured holding a blue road sign with text that reads 'Sadiq Khan Motorway'