A bold approach to tackling congestion must mean a workplace parking levy in central London – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, today pressed the current Mayor to take new steps to tackle traffic congestion. Caroline has announced hew own plans to introduce a workplace parking levy for central London and around Canary Wharf. 

key_WorkPlaceParking1.jpgSpeaking today, after making the call for a workplace parking levy, Caroline Pidgeon said, “We must adopt practical measures to tackle congestion starting with a modest workplace parking levy on employers in central London.

“When City Hill has long functioned with only four parking places it is amazing that the Mayor has not considered the option open to him to persuade large employers to stop drawing people into central London or Canary Wharf by car.

“Of course small businesses and hospitals should be excluded from such a levy, as should disabled parking spaces, but most businesses in central London are just adding to London’s severe congestion by offering free and subsidised parking to their employees.”

“Sadly the Mayor’s replies show that he has failed to tackle congestion and the severe pollution it causes which affects so much of London.”

Caroline has also proposed a number of other measures to tackle congestion, including a cap on private hire vehicles to bring them into line with black cabs, and the extension of the lane rental scheme to more roads in London to reduce delays due to roadworks.

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