Time to end the brain drain of women from London

Caroline Pidgeon has called for more to be done to help parents, particularly mothers, with the challenge of childcare in the capital  to meet the needs of London's economy and for London to be a truly family friendly city.

In a report on childcare in London published today by Caroline, she called for:

  • TfL, Metropolitan Police Service, The GLA and London Fire Service should offer interest free loans for employees to meet the initial costs of childcare registration at a nursery.
  • The adoption of this policy should become an example of good practice amongst businesses across London.
  • When GLA land is released for schools it should be standard practice that nursery provision is also provided.
  • London Boroughs should be encouraged to extend business rate relief to childcare providers.
  • The Mayor of London should establish a Childcare Fund with support targeted at improving wraparound and childcare options covering the longer hours many London employees have to work. 
  • More childminders should be trained to help support families with wraparound flexible childcare. 

Commenting, Caroline said: “It is crystal clear that London has  fewer  working mothers largely due to the lack of suitable or affordable childcare. 

“This is a serious issue for hundreds of thousands of London families, but it also has a huge knock on effect for London’s economy.   When so many London businesses are crying out for skilled employees it simply makes no sense to have so many talented women feeling unable to re-enter the workforce simply because they can’t find the childcare they need.  It is time to end the brain drain of talented women who are ultimately excluded from London’s workforce.

 “A more family friendly London would be good for families and good for London businesses.”

You can find the childcare report here.

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