Success of the Hopper ticket shows need for Mayor to pinch more fare policies from his opponents - Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the forthcoming first anniversary of the Hopper ticket and the news that over one hundred million journeys have been made with the Hopper bus ticket said: "I have been campaigning for a One Hour Bus Ticket for the best part of a decade in London so I very much welcome the success of the Hopper ticket over the last year. "

key_bus_pass_lewisham.jpg"The Mayor now needs to build on the success of the Hopper bus ticket by allowing unlimited bus changes within one hour, as opposed to the current limit of two trips.

"The Mayor also needs to address the anomaly that there is a weekly cap if you use your contactless card but not for people paying on their Oyster card.  

“Another vital change to fares would be the Mayor to implement the Lib Dem policy of half price travel for journeys on the TfL rail network that start before 7.30am."

"A Mayor who is not ashamed to pinch policies from other parties will hopefully take up these much needed fare changes to help passengers in London."

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