Shocking that just one in 10 new diesel cars is clean as the legal limit – Stephen Knight

 Commenting on a new report by sustainable transport group Transport & Environment, which shows that every major car manufacturer is selling diesel cars that fail to meet EU air pollution limits on the road in Europe, whilst selling cars with better exhaust treatment systems and lower emissions in the US, Liberal Democrat London Assembly environment spokesperson Stephen Knight AM said:


"It is shocking that the manufacturers can't be bothered to fit proper exhaust treatment systems on the diesel cars they sell in Europe but do fit them when forced to do so by the US authorities.  This demonstrates that the manufacturers couldn't care less about the dangerous pollution their diesel cars are producing and simply do the minimum they can get away with to meet legal requirements.


"The EU needs to tighten its regulations to force the manufacturers to clean up their vehicles and until then we must shame the manufacturers into fitting the same exhaust treatment systems to their European models that they already fit to cars sold in the US."  



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