Photos by John Russell

John is a party member with great photography skills and who makes his Lib dem pictures freely available for members to use.

John's Lib Dem Photos

Party Conference Photos

Caroline Pidgeon Photo Gallery


Caroline Pidgeon's website has a good selection of photos from all parts of London where she has been campaigning as our London Assembly Member


The party keeps an online store of high res images that local parties are able to use on the website, social media and print literature.

These include photos of our MPs, MEPs and group shots. There are also lots of graphics that work really well on social media pages.

LD Party HQ Image Assets

As well as Lib Dem personaliities, scroll down on this page to see lots of useful stock shots including enironmental and campaigning photos.

Here is the link

Get more images and stock photos from our "Google Drive"

Don't forget that as a member you can access the party's shared drive for stock photos. Click here to request access.

London Assembly Elections 2016

Here are photos of our London candidates from 2016.

Click here to access the Photo Bank

Luisa Porritt Content

Luisa Photos

Luisa Porritt Launch Pack

More Luisa Pics

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