Everything you need to know about phoning!

Key Links

  • Get your phone bank VPB codes here
  • How to phone bank on Connect guide here
  • Sign up to Zoom phone bank with other Lib Dems here
  • How to activate your connect account here

Phonebanking details and help!

When to phone bank

If you have never phoned before or would like some (virtual) company when you do so then please join our weekly Thursday evening zoom phone banks. We come together at 7pm for a briefing, make some calls, and finish with feedback in a sociable chat. One of our MPs or Lords often joins for a Q+A too. We will be offering individual technical support to all those who need it, so whether you're an expert or beginner, this is an event tailored for all campaigners!

RSVP here to be sent the zoom details

Alternatively, you can make the calls in your own time.

How to phonebank

You will need access to Connect, our phone banking system (https://connect.libdems.org.uk/)

If you do not have a login, because you haven't phonebanked before, or can't remember your login details then please email [email protected]

When you've been sent an account, then go through our step-by-step how to activate your connect account guide and follow the instructions there.

Once you have logged in, make sure you are in ‘My Voters’ (top left hand tab). Click on ‘Virtual Phone Bank’ (towards the bottom right) and enter one of the phone bank codes from the list below.

Please phone the numbers in turn and follow the script. Our Making Calls document takes you through how to make the calls and enter in the data, step-by-step.

Phonebanking codes

In order to canvass you will need to enter a code on Connect to get your list of numbers.

This week - Postal Voters GOTV We've set up a dedicated "Virtual Phone Bank" on Connect and you can access it directly at any time. The code is D696D4C-128546


The phone bank codes will lead you to two possible scripts

  1. A London wide list of EU Citizens to let them know:
  • They can vote in the London elections
  • Our candidate for Mayor was a Member of the European Parliament
  • London Liberal Democrats are committed to protecting the rights of EU citizens. 

2. A borough specific list of likely Lib Dem voters (based on historical data) to:

  • Tell them London Lib Dems have a plan for London’s recovery focused on affordable homes, cleaner air and thriving local neighbourhoods
  • Ask them if they will be supporting us
  • If so, to explain how they can sign up for a postal vote.

Other campaign Information

The London elections are currently scheduled for 6th May 2021. Voters have three ballot papers - one for the Mayor (our candidate is Luisa Porritt), one for the London Assembly list and one for the London Assembly constituency (two or three boroughs)

  • With Brexit, Climate Emergency and the impact of Covid-19 London is at a crucial moment. We need big ideas and urgent action.
  • We are looking to the future and want every neighbourhood in London to be a good place to live and work
  • That means putting homes in the heart of the city, reinventing the high street and a green roadmap for London.

Previous Phone Bank Codes

The Borough phonebank codes are here:

The E.U. Citizen phonebank code is: A56CC4H-709769