Caroline says "Sack the failing train franchises now"

IMG_4382.jpgPidgeon welcomes TfL takeover of suburban trains

Transport for London confirmed today it wants to take control of the capital's suburban rail network. Commenting on the news Liberal Democrat Mayoral Candidate Caroline Pidgeon said:

“This news, while its is something I have long advocated, will still see some passengers waiting until 2021 -  in the case those using Southern trains -  to see any real changes in either service levels or lower fares.

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A bold approach to tackling congestion must mean a workplace parking levy in central London – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, today pressed the current Mayor to take new steps to tackle traffic congestion. Caroline has announced hew own plans to introduce a workplace parking levy for central London and around Canary Wharf. 

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People power has been successful in persuading TfL to drop plans to close Caledonian Road Tube station – Caroline Pidgeon

caledonian_road.jpgCaroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on Transport for London’s withdrawal of controversial plans to close Caledonian tube station for eight months to replace the two lifts said:


“This U-turn by TfL is a great victory for people power.  I congratulate Nigel Scott and the organisers of this excellent campaign and everyone who got behind it."

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Unions and TFL must get round the table and negotiate

Commenting on the announcement by the RMT union that they are to stage three 24 hour strikes of on London's Tube network, Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon said:

"The Mayor and TfL have messed up the negotiations on the introduction of the night Tube  by giving an artificial deadline, allowing the Unions to hold them to ransom. But given that date passed last September, it is now quite clear that the unions are now playing games rather than working all out to secure an agreement. Both sides need to come together, sit round the table and hammer out a full and fair deal. London and Londoners need, and expect, nothing less."​

Caroline Pidgeon to halve TfL fares for all journeys before 7.30am

Caroline_half_price_fares.jpgCaroline Pidgeon, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, today set out plans for half price fares on Underground, DLR, Overground and TfL Rail services for people who start their journeys before 7.30am.

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London, said:

“Half price fares on TfL’s Tube and rail services would really help some of London’s lowest paid workers who often have to work unsocial hours.  This is a genuine fare cut that can be delivered immediately.

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One third of hospitals in London are still failing to help the police to tackle knife crime – Caroline Pidgeon

Over a third of hospitals in London are still failing to take part in a scheme which has been proven to dramatically reduce knife crime. The admission that many hospitals are still not sharing anonymous data collected from knife victims was made last week by Stephen Greenhalgh, the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime.

The admission is despite the fact that the full adoption of the ‘Cardiff Model’ was a specific manifesto commitment of the Mayor which he made to Londoners before his election in 2012. The publication of the information was only made following long standing inquires being made by Caroline Pidgeon.

The ‘Cardiff Model’ is a proven mechanism of sharing and using anonymous data collected from violence related A&E admissions to help support effective policing, such as tackling crime hotspots. In areas where it has been implemented it has led to a 42% reduction in A&E admissions as a result of violent crime.

Caroline Pidgeon has a long record in supporting the full adoption of the Cardiff Model and last year the Mayor admitted to her that it was “disappointing that at the moment only 30% of the data about crimes from A&Es and walk-in centres is actually shared with the police.” (see notes to editors).

Commenting on the slow adoption of the Cardiff Model across London Caroline Pidgeon said: “The Cardiff Model should have been implemented in every corner of London many years ago.”

“The Mayor likes to talk tough about knife crime, but when it comes to tackling knife crime only actions matter. A clear pledge he made to Londoners to tackle this issue has sadly not been met. Caroline Pidgeon raised the issue of the adoption of the Cardiff Model and other policies to tackle knife crime at Mayor’s Question Time this week.

In responding to Caroline’s questions the Mayor admitted that he would have to get some hospital Chief Executives into City Hill to discuss the lack of implementation of the Cardiff Model. He also accepted the need for better education within schools on knife crime and that he would now consider further funding for organisations that provide dedicated youth workers in A&E departments.



Notes to editors:

1. The Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime’s letter to Caroline Pidgeon is enclosed, listing just 17 A&Es and Urgent Care Centres which are effectively sharing data on violent offences with the police. The information provided in the letter was finally meeting a pledge made by the Mayor back in December 2014 to update Caroline Pidgeon on the implementation of the Cardiff Model.  For further information click here

2. Details of Caroline Pidgeon’s questioning of the Mayor at this week’s Mayor’s Question Time on progress in tackling knife crime can be seen at this webcast, starting at 4 minutes 50 seconds.

3. On the 17th September 2014 the Mayor admitted to Caroline Pidgeon that back then only 30% of the data picked up by A&Es is shared with the police.

4. Full details of how the Cardiff Model operates can be seen in this report published on the BMJ website:

5. Caroline Pidgeon’s recent report “To The Point” which examined the extent of knife crime in London and policies to tackle it is enclosed.


Record usage on the Tube does not have to go hand in hand with record closures and delays due to overcrowding – Caroline Pidgeon

tubedriving_175.jpgLib Dem Mayoral Candidate Caroline Pidgeon, commenting on figures released  today by Transport for London showing that Friday 4th December 2015 was the busiest day ever on the London Underground said:

“The increasing use of the Tube is a clear sign of London’s growth in both its population and popularity as a place to visit.  In many respects it is something to celebrate.

“However we cannot hide away from the fact that delays on the London Underground caused by overcrowding are increasing. 

“And despite TfL’s continual boasting about certain figures it is incredible that they choose to not even record how often Tube stations are temporarily closed due to overcrowding.”

“TfL should face up to this issue by firstly publishing accurate statistics about station closures, secondly ensuring Tube upgrades continue to take place and finally taking steps to manage demand, such as through lower ‘early bird’ fares to encourage demand on the Tube to be better spread over the day.”

“Record usage on the Tube does not have to go hand in hand with record closures and delays due to overcrowding.”

Decision on Heathrow is needed now - Caroline Pidgeon

caroline_speaking.jpgCommenting on reports of a potential six month delay on a decision over Heathrow, Liberal Democrat London Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon said:

"Londoners opposed to expansion are fed up of being lied to. A decision is needed now.

“Heathrow is not, and never will be, the place to expand airport capacity and the sooner this Tory government accepts that, the sooner we can get on with developing a sensible aviation policy for the UK."

Chancellor is failing ordinary Londoners on housing – Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight, Liberal Democrat London Assembly housing spokesperson, commenting on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s proposals for housing in London which were announced in today’s Spending Review said:


“The Government’s housing policies are ultimately flawed as they are stoking demand, when the real issue is the lack of supply of affordable housing.


“If the Chancellor really wants to ensure there are more affordable homes to buy and rent he should be encouraging the Mayor to prudentially borrow and directly undertake a massive increase in house building of truly affordable homes.”


“Critically the Chancellor should also drop his damaging proposals to sell off housing association properties.


“Across London people in social housing are being  aggressively targeted to buy their properties and then sell up. The outcome of this policy will be a massive contraction in the supply of affordable homes and London becoming a place where even people on moderate incomes are crowded out.”



Chancellor’s announcement on police funding must mean plans to slash PCSOs are dropped – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the Chancellor’s announcement in today’s Treasury Spending Review that police spending will now rise in line with inflation said:


“It is welcome news that commonsense has obviously now prevailed and that serious plans to slash the grant to the Metropolitan Police Service have now been dropped by government.

“The challenge is now on the Mayor to also back down on his dangerous plans to scrap nearly every Police Community Support Officer in London, plans that would devastate neighborhood policing in our city."






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