Merton Lib Dems hail steps in securing living wages for contractors

Merton Lib Dems' long running campaign to ensure contractors are paid the London Living Wage has made another step forward - the Council budget now includes this aim for when contracts come up for renewal.

For the last 9 years Merton Lib Dems have been campaigning to help some of the poorest paid and hardest working people in our community – those who look after people who need care.

The Council were asked about paying its staff the London Living Wage (LLW). Labour's answer was that it would cost £275k and would cause all sorts of difficulties.

In July last year we had a breakthrough – Labour agreed to amendments saying that the Council agreed in principle to pay contractors staff the LLW and that the Council would find out how much it would cost to do. This week the Council announced that their budget now contains money for staff working for contractors to be paid the LLW, as contracts come up for renewal.

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