Luisa Porritt: Scale up pharmacy role to help London vaccine rollout

Responding to the latest regional figures on the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, Liberal Democrat candidate for Mayor of London Luisa Porritt called for the government to expand the role of pharmacies to assist London's efforts:

“It’s deeply disappointing to see London remains behind the rest of the country on vaccinations. While there are legitimate reasons why London will not have the highest vaccination rates, it is concerning that we continue to lag behind. Better data is needed to be able to identify exactly why London is bottom of the table.

“From lack of supply, to hesitation about taking the vaccine among ethnic minority communities and relatively low GP registrations because Londoners tend to move home more often, our city faces specific challenges and we need fast solutions. 

“The Government should look to scale up the role that local pharmacies play in the roll out. Pharmacists are trusted health professionals in their local communities and can help us overcome some of the key challenges we face. They have a strong presence in lower-income areas and with nearly half of staff from ethnic minority backgrounds, they can help increase the reach of the vaccine rollout in our capital.”

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