New A3 Leaflet February 2021


Here are the files for the February 2021 London leaflet.

It is an A3 leaflet with our Mayoral Candidate, Luisa Porritt. The front features a story on backing small businesses and a story on the cladding scandal with a link to our cladding petition on the London Lib Dems website. The back features a story on green energy and air quality and a list of Luisa's big ideas. The bottom part of the back features a number of success stories of Lib Dem campaigns across London and a link to sign up on the website. This link takes visitors to the main Luisa Porritt website where users are prominently invited to sign up for email news - this data is regularly "synced" into Connect for use by local parties as well as by the London 2021 Campaign.

Feb Leaflet as a PDF without printers marks

Feb Leaflet as a PDF with printers' marks

Feb Leaflet as an Affinity Publisher design, suitable for local customising

All versions are available in this folder