London Region Executive Election 2020

Election Update

(updated 20/10/21)

The count for the Chair of London Region has not been completed. The position of Chair was withheld while the English Party considered appeals. Those appeals have now been completed but the outcomes remain with the English Party for further action. As a result, the members of the Regional Executive who were elected in December met and asked Dave Raval to take on the role of Interim Chair, in addition to remaining as Regional Candidates Chair, until such time as the final outcome of the English Party's work is complete.

The following were elected in December 2020 as Ordinary Members to the Executive:

  • Claire Bonham
  • Dominic Buxton
  • Jack Chesterman
  • Pete Dollimore
  • Michael Fox
  • William Houngbo
  • Nancy Jirira
  • Gareth Lewis Shelton
  • Julliet Makhapila
  • Gary Malcolm
  • Simon McGrath
  • Gaetano Russo
  • Ted Townsend
  • Mark Twitchett
  • Blaise Baquiche

The detailed vote breakdown for the election is available here

At the London Region Executive meeting on Monday 8th March 2021, the following positions were filled:

Chair Ann Glaze
Vice Chair Cllr William Houngbo
Vice Chair  
Treasurer Helen Baxter
Secretary Mark Twitchett
Chair of Local Parties Committee Michael Fox
Chair of Campaigns Team Pete Dollimore
Diversity Lead Julliet Makhapila
Strategy Lead Claire Bonham

At the London Region exec meeting in July 2021, Gareth Lewis Shelton was elected as the Chair of the Regional Conference Committee.

The following had already been elected without a contest:

Regional Candidates Committee (6 to be elected, 6 nominations all elected)

Dave Raval has been elected as Chair of Candidates' Committee - the detailed vote breakdown for the election is available here.  

  • Sean Hooker
  • Nancy Jarira
  • Julliet Makhapila
  • Eimear O’Casey
  • Mark Twitchett

English Council (19 nominations all elected.  13 vacancies)

  • Jon Ball
  • Francis Beddington
  • Pete Dollimore
  • Richard Flowers
  • Sean Hooker
  • William Houngbo
  • Nancy Jirira
  • Margaret Joachim
  • Julliet Makhapila
  • Simon McGrath (Merton)
  • Matt McLaren
  • Alan Muhammed
  • Afzal Munna
  • Brian Orrell
  • Patrick Peters-Buhler
  • Dave Raval
  • Emily Tester
  • Stuart Wheatcroft