London Region Executive Election 2020

Nominations for the London Region Executive have now closed and there will be an election for the position of Chair of Regional Party (1 to be elected, 3 nominations received), Chair of Candidates Committee (1 to be elected, 2 nominations received) and Ordinary Member (15 to be elected 24 nominations received).   A list of people elected without a contest is shown below.  

Election Timetable

Links to online ballot papers were sent out by email at approx 8 p.m. on Monday 16th November and again at approx. 17:50 on 26th November.  The sender was “Cec Tallack, Liberal Democrats” and the subject was “Your ballot for the London Region Elections 2020”.  If we do not hold a usable email address for you you will receive a postal ballot - these were despatched on 25th November.   

Ballots will close at 5 p.m. on Friday 11th December.   Results will be announced as soon as possible after that date.


A hustings for the position of Chair of Regional Party took place on Wednesday 18th November at 6:30 p.m. - you can see a recording here.     


These are the contested seats (click on the names to see the candidate's manifesto where one has been supplied):

Chair of Regional Party (1 to be elected)

Nominations received:

Chair Regional Candidates' Committee (1 to be elected)

Ordinary member of the Executive (15 to be elected, 24 nominations incl 1 withdrawn)


Elected without a Contest

Chair Regional Conference Committee

Kiran Mistry  elected

Regional Candidates Committee (6 to be elected, 6 nominations all elected)

  • Sean Hooker
  • Nancy Jarira 
  • Kiran Mistry
  • Julliet Makhapila
  • Eimar O’Casey
  • Mark Twitchett

English Council (19 nominations all elected.  13 vacancies)

  • Jon Ball
  • Francis Beddington
  • Pete Dollimore
  • Richard Flowers
  • Sean Hooker
  • William Houngbo
  • Nancy Jarira
  • Margaret Joachim
  • Julliet Makhapila
  • Simon McGrath (Merton)
  • Matt McLaren
  • Kiran Mistry
  • Alan Muhammed
  • Afzal Munna
  • Brian Orrell
  • Patrick Peters-Buhler
  • Dave Raval
  • Emily Tester
  • Stuart Wheatcroft


No Nominations Received

  • President
  • Treasurer



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