London Lib Dems fighting general election to Stop Brexit

London Lib Dems welcome the general election being called as the best opportunity to Stop Brexit.

Lib Dems are ready to stand on a clear platform: a Liberal Democrat government would Revoke Article 50, retain Britain’s place in Europe and get on with tackling the issues that have been neglected for the last four years.

The Lib Dems won the European elections in the capital in May, topping the poll overall and winning outright in 16 boroughs, reflecting London’s liberal, open identity.

Now an outstanding, diverse team of Liberal Democrat candidates are ready to turn London gold again.

“I genuinely believe this is our moment,” said Siobhan Benita, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for London and mayoral candidate for 2020.

“The LibDems are now the popular and the credible choice for voters in London.

“The European elections showed us that London is a Liberal Democrat city.

“We have the most fantastic and diverse set of MPs and candidates standing for us in this election, reflecting the diversity of London, the most diverse city on earth.

“Our results will be spectacular. And it's not just about fighting to stop Brexit.

“Londoners are realising the LibDems represent their liberal, internationalist, open values more than any other party. And they're finding we have attractive policies on the vital issues they care about like the climate emergency, the NHS, education, housing and crime.
"There are no limits to our ambitions at this general election. Join us for an exciting and hopeful future for London.”

The Lib Dems have been the loudest, proudest voice for Remain for the last three years and a half years, tabling 17 bids for a People’s Vote - which Labour have failed to back, leaving a general election as the only way to exit Brexit.

London can play a major role in putting the Liberal Democrats in government.

London Lib Dems chair Ben Sims said: “Two Conservative Prime Ministers have incompetently tried to deliver Brexit, threatening our country’s future prosperity. Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party has failed to take up any clear position on the most important political issue of our time, and facilitated Tory Brexit attempts.

“We need to win this argument and win this election so we can cancel Brexit and get on with dealing with the real issues of today: the climate crisis, the strain on our NHS, the rise of knife crime and our education system being pushed to breaking point.”

Candidates have been selected to stand in 73 seats across London, with 40 men, 32 women and one non-binary candidate. There are 16 candidates (22.2%) who are BAME, including in key seats like Twickenham, where Munira Wilson is standing after Vince Cable announced his decision to stand down, Simon Hughes’ old seat Bermondsey and Old Southwark, to be contested by Bermondey councillor Humaira Ali, and Sutton, Cheam and Worcester Park, a Lib Dem seat until 2015, where local councillor Hina Bokhari is the candidate. Eight of the candidates are LGBT and two are disabled.

Three MPs who joined the Lib Dems from other parties are standing for election in London, with Chuka Umunna standing in Westminster and City, Sam Gyimah in Kensington and Luciana Berger in Finchley and Golders Green, where a poll gives her an eight-point lead

We have the momentum. We have the candidates. And with your help, we have the winning campaign.

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