London 2016 GLA candidates

The results of the ballot to choose the Lib Dem London Assembly List candidates standing in next May's election have been announced. The selection ballot was conducted using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system, with the constraints that three of the first nine, two of the first six and one of the first three selected candidates must have a protected race/ethnicity characteristic, as defined under the Equality Act 2010.

The following candidates were selected (in order of selection):

1. PIDGEON, Caroline
2. DAVEY, Emily
3. EMERSON, Merlene**
5. KNIGHT, Stephen
6. POLANSKI, Zack*
7. BARNES, Dawn
8. MULLIN, Annabel
9. RAY, Marisha*
11. PEARCE, Pauline*

*candidate with a protected race/ethnicity characteristic.
**candidate with a protected race/ethnicity characteristic and originally placed 5th but elevated to 3rd in order meet the constraints.

A full break down of the results of the selection contest for the GLA is available here.

The results of the selection for our Mayoral candidate are available here.



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