Lib Dems take local election surge into European elections

Liberal Democrat campaigners are celebrating a stunning set of local election results after gaining a record 703 seats.

While Brexit-backing Labour lost 82 seats and six councils despite expecting to make gains, and the Tories lost a humiliating 1,332 councillors and 44 councils, the Lib Dems' pro-Europe stance and dedicated local teams won control of 10 councils.

London Liberal Democrats will be campaigning hard over the coming weeks to deliver similarly positive results in the EU elections on May 23.

Siobhan Benita, the Lib Dem candidate to become the next Mayor of London, also welcomed the message the local election results send. She said: "The local election results were the best ever in our party's history and it is clear that the Liberal Democrats are back in force.  Our clear "stop Brexit" message is resonating with the public. 

"In London - where most people do not want us the leave the EU - we will offer the strongest remain option in the European elections on 23 May."  

Liberal Democrat Party Leader, Vince Cable, said: "We are clearly a major force, we are clearly the leading Remain party and we expect to do well on the basis of that.

"When people are trying to make their minds up, they would and they should vote for us, knowing that every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote to stop Brexit."

European Parliament candidate Luisa Porritt said: “We’ve seen gains in both Remain and Leave areas, with huge swings to us in both former Conservative and Labour seats.

"Given our unapologetically anti-Brexit stance, this bodes very well for the upcoming European elections.”

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