Lib Dem victory over Oxford Street Pedestrianisation


Oxford Street could be pedestrianised by 2020 is the claim being made by the Mayor of London’s office this week.

Pedestrianising Oxford Street has for many years been advocated by the London Liberal Democrats.

We have campaigned for its implementation in the last four Mayor and London Assembly elections and in 2014 we published a report setting out how it could be achieved within a few years.

The case for pedestrianising Oxford Street is vital to tackle the cumulative impact of dangerous levels of air pollution, overcrowded pavements and a high level of pedestrian collisions. Only recently Oxford Street has seen two serious collisions between pedestrians and buses, leading sadly to two fatalities.

Commenting on the welcome announcement from the Mayor’s office Caroline Pidgeon said:

“It is always pleasing to see Liberal Democrat policies taken up and this recent announcement is a victory for everyone who has long campaigned on this issue.”

“Oxford Street should be a safe and attractive place to visit and that must mean moving towards pedestrianisation. 

“Of course there will be challenges to overcome such as sorting out the buses, however the overall prize of a safe and welcoming West End is something that can and must be achieved.

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