Julia Fletcher

2016 GLA Candidate for Greenwich & Lewisham

I’m delighted to have been selected by members of Greenwich and Lewisham Liberal Democrats to be the Lib Dem candidate in the GLA election for Greenwich and Lewisham constituency.

During the campaign I shall be highlighting the big issues affecting London – housing, transport, air pollution, policing, cost of living and equalities.

In housing we need more housing of all tenures as a matter of urgency, longer leases and better conditions for those in the private rented sector.

Air pollution is closely linked to transport policy.  High levels of pollution are affecting rates of childhood asthma and reducing life expectancy for residents of London.  I believe we should promote a move to electric vehicles, encourage cycling and walking and increase capacity on our public transport, especially at peak times.  I shall continue to campaign for the proposed extension of the Bakerloo line through Lewisham and Catford.  I shall also campaign against the Silvertown tunnel, which would just draw more traffic into our area.  We are also calling for electric power to be available at the planned Enderby Wharf cruise liner terminal so that ships can use this rather than diesel.

I believe in a liberal approach to policing our city, one based on policing by consent, community policing and restorative justice.  Conservative plans to cut PCSO’s would be completely counter-productive as community policing has helped to reduce crime.  We also need a police force that is more reflective of the diversity of London.

The high cost of living makes it increasingly difficult for ordinary people to live in our area.  It’s not just house prices and rents but also the cost of child care and transport.  I fully support Caroline Pidgeon, our excellent candidate for Mayor of London, in her longstanding campaigns for a one hour bus pass, for early bird fares and for the cross-Thames cable car to become an integrated part of the Transport for London network with a fare equivalent to that of a London bus journey.

Julia is Vice-Chair of Lewisham Lib Dems and was a previously a Councillor in the borough between 2002-2014.


Email: [email protected]
Website: vote.julia4.london
Twitter: @Julia_Fletcher
Address: TBC





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