Joyce Onstad

Joyce is fifth on the London Assembly list. She entered politics after many years in the humanitarian sector to fight for structural change in society. She is passionate about fairness, civil liberties and social integration.

Joyce has a vision of a Liberal London closely aligned with the EU where the values of equality, fairness, freedom and opportunities for all govern every decision that is taken. A place where everyone shares in the city’s prosperity, breathes clean air, feels safe and has access to housing that is both affordable and life enhancing. A city where everyone feels they can prosper and have a stake in their society.

Joyce, who has a master’s degree in Urban Development Planning from University College London, worked for international development organisations living in a variety of cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, and Johannesburg. She campaigned strongly to remain in the EU and believes London’s interest are best served with close ties to Europe.


Find out more about Joyce's campaigning on her Facebook page.

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