A Regular Donation will help us create a more liberal London

Standing up for Freedoms: London is a liberal city but it needs a Liberal Democrat voice in its corridors of power. With your support we can make sure we have more committed Liberal Democrats elected at every level in the capital.

We need to fund our regional campaign staff; build up a fighting fund for 2015, 2016 and beyond and pay for Direct mail to voters we need to persuade to vote Liberal Democrat.

What your £££'s pays for

  • £800 will help pay for our Campaign staff who support our teams across London every day.
  • £500 will help us fund a part time Medio Officer who can help get our message across in print, broadcast and online media in the capital
  • £400 Help us hit the ground running by building up our Ward Chest to re-elect Caroline Pidgeon and Stephen Kinght to the GLA in 2016
  • £250 Will help us pay for direct mail to key voters who we need to reach in the General Election

Easy ways you can help us:

Make a regular donation by standing order - the best and easiest way to help.

Please download and complete the form here.

Set up a standing order in your Online Banking Software to

London Liberal Democrats Campaign at

The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC 

Account Number 00209652  

Sort Code 160109

Make a monthly donation online - see below.

(Paypal service charges apply which slightly reduce the value of your help to us but we are still grateful for your contribution any way you make it !)




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