Ed Davey: "the Tories just don’t get Climate or the green opportunity"

Responding to the Government's 10 point plan, Ed Davey MP said "With the climate emergency threatening our world, ⁦⁦Boris Johnson has provided a leaky bucket to put out the fire when we needed a fleet of fire engines."

"This is beyond disappointing - the Tories just don’t get Climate or the green opportunity."

Commenting on the Government announcement of their Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, Ed writes "Sadly, it fails to undo the damage the Conservatives have done to the UK's progress on climate change over the past five years.

"Their plan not only pledges to continue selling fossil fuel powered hybrid cars past 2030 but it also extends the Green Homes Grant by just one year. To tackle the climate emergency and kickstart a green recovery from Covid-19, we need a long term plan backed by meaningful funding."

Read more about our Climate Change plans here

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