Good news on the police & mental health

It would be horrible to lock people up in police cells if they were found on the streets suffering from a broken leg. But historically that's exactly what has happened when people are having a mental health crisis.

That's why the Liberal Democrats want to make sure that nobody does get locked up in a police cell when they have a mental health problem. And we have some good news in new statistics we have just got from the Metropolitan Police. 

In the last year we have almost eliminated people with a mental health crisis from ending up in police cells.

The full statistics are:

  • In November only one person ended up in police cells - compared to an average of over 7 a month in 2013.
  • On average in 2014 the number of people going to police cells has fallen by 77%

This is great news for people who have mental health crises - and a good example of how getting different bits of the government (in this case mainly health and the police) to work together can improve people's lives.


This isn't the end though. We have to keep up pressure on the police, and other parts of government, to keep on making changes which make a big difference to people during a mental health crisis. They don't always work together as effectively as they can - hence our campaign to implement the Crisis Care Concordat. Can you sign our petition here?


The full statistics can be seen here:

 Metropolitan Police statistics on S136 detentions (excludes anyone detained for a criminal offence)

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