After a year of dithering the Mayor finally does the right thing on the Garden Bridge – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem, says that Boris Johnson's Garden Bridge "vanity project" is now "dead in the water" after Sadiq Khan has at long last made a decision not to guarantee future funding.

Commenting on the Mayor's announcement that the GLA will not be providing Mayoral guarantees for the Garden Bridge project Caroline said: “The Mayor has taken a year to make this decision and while he has been dithering more money has been wasted.   Yet while it is regrettable that Sadiq Khan has taken so long to make a decision he has finally done the right thing following Dame Margaret Hodge's damning report.

“it is quite clear this vanity project of Boris Johnson's would end up as a bottomless pit for the public purse. 

“It is now dead in the water and will be held up for many years as a case study on wasting public money and poor decision making at both government and Mayoral level.”

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