Those pursuing the Garden Bridge should take gardening leave

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate has once again called for the Garden Bridge to be put on hold as it receives yet more criticism for a lack of transparency over the procurement process.

Caroline, speaking ahead of London Mayoral hustings on the built environment being hosted at the Royal Institute of British Architecture said:

 “Only last week the President of RIBA declared that considering the high profile nature of the Garden Bridge, the amount of money at stake and the seriousness of the allegations,  that the project should be put on hold.

 “I wish to totally endorse that view.  It is clear to anyone who has examined the facts that the procurement process has been neither fair nor transparent.”

 “Instead of rushing ahead with the project it is time that the proponents of the Garden Bridge took some gardening leave and answered every question about this controversial procurement process.”​

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