Ashdown: "A terrible blow to tolerance, to cooperation and to opportunity."

Paddy Ashdown has invited people to join him to defend the values of tolerance, cooperation and opportunity.

Writing about today's news, he said "I don't know about you, but I'm devastated. Today fear has beaten hope, fiction has beaten fact and our country has been catapulted into the unknown."


Ashdown continued: "The Liberal Democrats accept that the people have chosen and this is the result we must move forwards with. It's still a terrible blow to the liberal values we hold dear: to tolerance, to cooperation and to opportunity. And just like last year, our resolve to defend those values will not waver.

Will you join us in our fight?

I'll join the fight now 

I'm proud of the role the Liberal Democrats played in putting the positive = case for Remain. Whatever the future now holds, we must continue to champion hope, opportunity and equality. 

Today those values are more important than ever.

If you agree, please join us today.

Join us today

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