Fixing London's Housing Crisis

Liberal Democrat London Mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon today announced new support for the 2 million Londoners who rent privately.  She outlined her policies while visiting an affordable housing site for first time buyers in Kentish Town with Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron.


Caroline wants to shift the balance towards tenants and away from rogue landlords by:

  • Registration for landlords with property being let out in London and scrapping letting agents’ fees for tenants
  • Introducing a ‘right to buy’ for tenants when their landlords sell up
  • More support for Boroughs to enforce housing standards
  • Promote longer tenancies of 3 and 5 years as alternatives to the 6-month standard tenancies to give tenants security and limit rent hikes and contract fees
  • Increase in the supply of homes for rent and sale to push down on rents with 200,000 new homes

Speaking at the launch of her proposals Caroline Pidgeon said:

“I want to see all landlords with property in London registered.  Landlords who fall short of decent standards mean renters living in appalling conditions, with severe health problems and fuel poverty prevalent among this group.  I’m not prepared to see this continue.

“By making sure rogue landlords are prosecuted, enforcing housing standards and promoting longer tenancies of 3 to 5 years to give tenants security we can make an real impact on improving the lives of people who choose to rent.

“Of course the way to tackle high rents in London will come from increasing the supply of housing. With my costed plan to deliver 200,000 new homes over the next four years, 50,000 of which will be council homes at affordable rent levels and 150,000 for rent and sale in the private sector under licensed landlords, we can start to solve London’s housing crisis.”

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