“When has a report launch about Europe had anything less to do with Europe?” – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the launch today of Dr Gerard Lyons' report, titled "The Europe Report - A win-win situation" said:

"When has a report launch about Europe had anything less to do with Europe?

caroline-pidgeon-2.png"This taxpayer funded report should have been launched many months ago and would have played a useful contribution in the public debate running up to the European Elections. Instead this report has been used by the Mayor as a blatant cover to promote his own career ambitions. He is putting his own future before that of Londoners he has been elected to serve.

"The Mayor of London was elected to serve a four year term. He has recently set out long term plans for London, including only last week a long term infrastructure plan for the capital. Sadly today the Mayor has revealed that he has no ambition or desire to even begin to implement these plans. If he returns to Westminster he will be relegating being Mayor of London to his second part-time job."

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