Liberal Democrats win EU elections in London - and send 3 MEPs to Europe


London showed it is a city of Remain as the Liberal Democrats topped the polls in London in the EU election. 

The Lib Dem team won 27% of the vote and three seats, as Irina von Wiese, Dinesh Dhamija and Luisa Porritt were elected as MEPs.

Irina said: "In February, when a friend suggested I run in the European elections, I told him he was nuts. The UK was all set to leave the EU on March 29 and that would be the sad end of it. How wrong I was! 

"And make no mistake, we intend to take our seats and serve our full terms as MEPs - because the fight to stop Brexit is alive and kicking. This incredible campaign, fought under the Lib Dems’ clear Stop Brexit message, has changed Britain's political landscape from a two party system to an open playing field.


"There remains a lot of work to do: in an ever more polarised society where Farage's Brexit party galvanises the frustration of millions, we need to work hard to get the country back on track, close the gap between the empowered and the disenfranchised, and raise standards of living for everyone. That work starts now."

European election list candidates Jonathan Fryer, Hussain Khan, Graham Colley, Helen Cross and Rabina Khan played a huge part in the successful London campaign, as did thousands of activists - many of them campaigning with us for the first time.

Helen said: “Liberal democrat activists have had so much energy and enthusiasm throughout the campaign.

“We have new people joining us, one young man who joined me campaigning said he was a labour/green voter in the past, he thinks these Euro elections are really important and he wanted to campaign. He thought long and hard who to campaign for and he chose the Liberal Democrats because we were making the biggest impact.

“This feels like a real watershed moment for the Liberal Democrats. Our outstanding local election results show we can win big. Our simple, positive and bold message on brexit has brought people to us exasperated with the traditional parties. But most of all our values of tolerance, openness and diversity are shining through.

“One member I was campaigning with in Bromley, joined us a year ago, a former Tory voter, he said, ‘I decided to stop voting for who I thought could win but instead for something I believe in’. I am confident the Liberal Democrat results in these European elections means that he can now do both.”

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