Elaine Bagshaw

Elaine has worked in City and East for nearly seven years and has proudly called it her home for the last five. She thinks it’s a fantastic place to live and work, but strongly believes it’s facing some deep-seated problems and that new ideas are needed to properly address them.

It is absolutely, fundamentally wrong, that we live in the shadows of Canary Wharf, the Shard, and the skyscrapers of the City, yet the City and East boroughs have some of the highest unemployment rates in London.

Elaine joined the Liberal Democrats because of her passion for education and equal opportunity. She wants to work to ensure that everyone is able to reach their potential, regardless of their background. She was the first person in her family to go to University so she knows the transformative power that education can have and she wants everyone to be able to access the opportunities she did.

As a regulator Elaine has held banks to account, and supported those who fell victim to the scandals of payday lenders. She also worked as a youth worker helping get young people back into education and into work.

Elaine has a proven record of delivering change and will fight to deliver it again where it matters most, for her community.

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