Diversity and inclusion are key to Liberal Democrats core objective, to create a fairer society, one that works for everyone, regardless of their background, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, or any other part of an individual's identity.

As London Liberal Democrats we strive to ensure our party is open to all, and that we are fully and truly reflective of the diverse nature of our membership, the electorate, and the citizens of our great city.

What are we doing

diversity.jpgWe are passionate about reaching out to all of our city’s myriad groups and communities. We need to ensure that we understand them, connect with them and involve them in all of our activities

Having an inclusive culture within our party is a vital part of achieving this aim. That means we ensure that each and every opportunity to be involved in the party’s activities is open and fairly run – always!

And equally important, we are creating opportunities for ordinary Londoners, from whatever background, who share our commitment to a fairer society, to join us, become party members, and represent us and their communities.

We are so committed to this we are even challenging many of our traditional ways of working, and rethinking our approaches to campaigning, in line with the recommendations of the Allardice report.

What you can do

Every member of our party, from individual activists to our regional representatives, is committed to delivering on these aims, and to help them have produced a guide to diversity and a diversity toolkit. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to read them, and put them into practice. And if you have, we encourage you to share them with your Lib Dem friends and colleagues.

We also have our regional diversity representative (email [email protected]), who runs our regional ‘inclusion and diversity network’.

Download the Liberal Democrat Guide to Diversity

Download the Diversity Toolkit

Download the Allardice Report

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