Digital training

Throughout August and September the London Campaigns Team will be running a series of digital training sessions, covering the key things you need to know to amplify your campaign online and via media and email.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • Sun 2 August, 10AM, Intro to Social Media and Nationbuilder. RSVP here
  • Sat 8 August, 10AM, Press and Emails. RSVP here
  • Sun 16 August, 10AM, Intro to Facebook. RSVP here
  • Sat 22 August, 10AM, Facebook Ads. RSVP here
  • Sun 30 August, 10AM, Intro to Google Analytics + Google Ads. RSVP here 
  • Sun 6 September, 10AM, Videos 101. RSVP here
  • Sun 13 September, 10AM, Intro to Social Media + Nationbuilder. RSVP here
  • Tues 15 September, 7PM, Press and Emails. RSVP here
  • Weds 23 September, 7PM, Intro to Google and Facebook Ads. RSVP here
  • Sat 3 October, 10AM, Analytics. RSVP here

These sessions are open to all members and activists. Access to your local party social media accounts / Nationbuilder is recommended but not a requirement.

If you have specific questions or suggestions please get in touch at

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