cycling manifesto 2

Caroline Pidgeon was the first Mayoral candidate to endorse London Cycling Campaign’s Sign for Cycling campaign:


Cycling has more than doubled over the last 10 years and is now an integral part of London’s transport network, but still only accounts for 2% of journeys made in London compared to 13% in Berlin and 48% in Amsterdam city centre.

Will you sign?

Caroline will:

  • increase the budget for cycling infrastructure to 3% of the TfL budget and ensure that money is spent - in 2014/15 £107m was allocated but only £60m spent
  • extend ‘mini-Holland’ projects to every borough
  • introduce a rush hour ban on HGVs to protect cyclists
  • continue to support the cycle superhighways and also speed up the implementation of quietways
  • immediately review all major junctions and roundabouts to improve safety, including giving cyclists priority at junctions
  • introduce more segregated cycle lanes
  • give much more support for people looking to start cycling, including cycle safety training, with every person attending a training course entitled, through sponsorship, to discounts on safety gear.
  • support a new pedestrian and cycling crossing between Rotherhithe and Canary Wharf


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