Connect - Lists

Typically you will start by specifying the area you want to work on - the ward or polling district - like this ...

  • From the main screen, click "Create A New List".
  • Click the arrow > to the left of "Districts" to open that tab.
  • Choose your Local Authority from the drop down menu
    • Note - each time you make a choice, allow the screen to refresh before making the next.
  • Choose your ward from the drop down menu
  • (optional) Choose the Polling District from the menu.
    • Note - if you click the blue link to the left of any menu you may make multiple selections.
  • Click the blue button "Preview my Results" to confirm the number of people is reasonable.

If you wish, you may make further selections.  Your first selections as above will be known as "Step 1" - you may modify this or add another step or steps - as many as you need.

Add a step

Click Add "Step". You have six choices ...

Type of step What it does Example of application
Add people Increase the scope of your list  
Remove people Take out specified voters, leaving only those who don't meet your chosen criteria To create a list of voters for whom we have no canvass data, use "Remove People" to take out those who already have canvass responses.
Narrow People Only those voters who meet the new criteria remain after this step. To Create a virtual phone bank, you will "Narrow People" to only those for whom we have a phone number.
Narrow by Sample    
Narrow by Scores