Chancellor is failing ordinary Londoners on housing – Stephen Knight

Stephen Knight, Liberal Democrat London Assembly housing spokesperson, commenting on the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s proposals for housing in London which were announced in today’s Spending Review said:


“The Government’s housing policies are ultimately flawed as they are stoking demand, when the real issue is the lack of supply of affordable housing.


“If the Chancellor really wants to ensure there are more affordable homes to buy and rent he should be encouraging the Mayor to prudentially borrow and directly undertake a massive increase in house building of truly affordable homes.”


“Critically the Chancellor should also drop his damaging proposals to sell off housing association properties.


“Across London people in social housing are being  aggressively targeted to buy their properties and then sell up. The outcome of this policy will be a massive contraction in the supply of affordable homes and London becoming a place where even people on moderate incomes are crowded out.”



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