London Region Chairs Email - March 2022

Sent by London Region Chair Ann Glaze to all local party chairs March 2022

We want to make sure you and your teams know where to find key resources to help your campaigning - and how to make the most of them. Please forward this email to anybody in your local party who may find it helpful. 

Campaign issues

HQ send out regular campaign packs, which you can also find in the Hub ( Sign up for access and to receive Campaigners emails here

The current rail hikes campaign pack offers opportunities for any ward with a station in it. See how Wimbledon are using it here. You could launch a petition for a station in your ward and hand out early morning leaflets about the campaign at the station. 

The latest campaigners email arrived today from Henry McMorrow - if you aren't yet signed up and would like it forwarded, please let me know.


We agonise a lot about the words - but photos can do a lot of the work for us, particularly in grabbing attention. Links to various Lib Dem image banks can be found here and there is a whole folder of stock photos in the Hub. Mark Pack’s blog has some tips on taking good action photos.

Running a great action day

If you have a VIP coming for an action day, make the most of it. 

  • Phone members to invite them to join (email, WhatsApp and Facebook are less likely to get new faces out to join you)
  • Check for transport closures and pick a sensible meeting point
  • Be efficient - get people out knocking, delivering and surveying rather than standing around talking for too long
  • Don’t forget to take photos
  • Help new or travelling canvassers feel more confident with a cheat sheet with top line information on key local issues and your core campaign messages

There is a fuller guide to take you through the preparation and planning here (page 4 on planning is particularly useful). 

Canvass targets

The final week of February was London’s biggest canvas week of the year so far, with 11,949 contacts - now let's keep building.

ALDC recommend target wards aim for 200 contacts per week - 12 wards managed that in the final week of February (well done Barnet, Croydon, Ealing, Haringey, Kingston, Merton and Southwark). Fewer than 100 contacts per week will make it very hard to win. 

  • Can a couple of your team get together for a power hour of lunchtime canvassing? Between shift workers and people working from home, you may be surprised how many people are in.
  • Try 5pm on a Sunday evening for a high hit rate of people being in. 

Weekly bulletin

Campaigns chair Pete Dollimore sends out an email every Monday with useful information for London’s activists. Sign up here (If any of your members have unsubscribed from emails, they will also need to email [email protected] giving their permission to be re-subscribed.) Make sure you are signed up to the Facebook HQ too - a great way to keep in touch with what others are doing, celebrate successes and ask for help.

Marked registers

Please make sure you have got last year’s full marked register - and contact [email protected] for information about the new automatic upload technology to get it into the system quickly. Local authorities destroy this data on May 6, so make sure you have got yours - you never know when a by-election may pop up when it will be invaluable - and the next London Assembly elections are only just over 2 years away! Having your marked registers from 2021 on Connect will help your Region to help you.

We recommend focusing your canvass list on people who voted last year or in the previous local elections, postal voters and people who are new to the register. 

Bulk buy deals

Find ALDC’s offers here

These include a variety of different addressed mailings to form a campaign plan up until polling day in May (which can be supplied already stuffed and ready to be delivered)

HQ’s bulk buy offers, including digital bulk buys, are sent out in the Campaigners emails and are included in the Hub too.

EU voters

Rather than generalised targeting, target those that vote. They should end up in one of your ongoing voter pools (supporters / squeeze / switch) and be spoken to on an ongoing basis as individuals / groups. 

Thank you

I realise some of this may be familiar, but hopefully it’s a helpful reminder - or useful to have things in one place, for you or for others. If there is anything we can do to support you better on the run-in to the May elections, please let us know and we will do our best. Thank you for all you and your teams are doing. 

Ann Glaze, London Liberal Democrats chair, and Cllr Alice Bridges-Westcott, campaign manager (London)

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