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Knowing what politicians can and can’t do can be complicated at times, as is knowing the different responsibilities of London Boroughs and the GLA.  I have therefore produced this short guide, especially for those standing in next year’s council elections.

Of course, if you are still unsure on any issue please just ask!




Caroline Pidgeon MBE AM
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Transport casework

If anything relates to TfL services I can normally help in some way.  If it is an issue relating to one of the train companies, such as Southern, I can also take up the issue as well.

Policing issues

If the issue is general, such as about a poor service, or future plans for police services, I can normally make enquiries.   If the issue is a complaint about a specific police officer it might be that consideration should be given to making a formal complaint through the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission). 

Immigration cases

In my experience the only possible way to assist anyone is for the case to be taken up by an MP.  You may be able to refer the person to the local CAB or other advice service.      


If the issue relates to a person facing a specific problem with their housing association or local authority the issue should be taken up directly with the housing provider.  In the run up to the local elections most councils should treat casework enquiries from candidates in the same manner as they would for councillors.

Where I can help is in making enquiries about planning applications or decisions which involve the GLA.

The state of roads and pavements

Most roads in London are in the control of London Boroughs.  TfL controls the red routes and I can certainly help with issues on these roads and the pavements alongside them.

Three things where I can help you campaign locally

  1. 1.    Asking written Mayoral Questions

I can ask unlimited written questions to the Mayor every month.  I am always willing to consider ideas for questions, so please send in any suggestions you may have.

  1. 2.    Presenting petitions to the Mayor

Presenting a petition to the Mayor of London can be a useful part of a campaign.   The responses by the Mayor have to be published and before that good photographs and publicity can often be achieved.  However, to ensure that the petitions are formally accepted it is best to ensure the wording is correct.   Contact my office if you have any questions.

  1. 3.    Getting TfL officers to visit a site

Sometimes the best way to make progress on a transport issue, such as changes to a junction or crossing, is to get TfL officers to visit the site with me.  I can normally help to ensure this happens.  Alternatively, I can set up briefing meetings on a local issue at City Hall.

Contact Details

Caroline Pidgeon AM: City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London, SE1 2AA

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