Canvass Challenge '22

Join in our new Canvass Challenge. The first will be the weekend of 29th and 30th January and we plan to repeat it in February and March.

We'll be looking at the canvass contacts made in different tiers, from those of you with Council Control to those working to get your first councillors elected (so whatever level you're at this is for you)

As well as looking at those stats we are looking to find the best canvass team photo!

So here's a plan for you:

1) Find out if there's already canvassing this weekend - you can find your local party contact here - and if not arrange one!

2) Check if your canvassing sessions are in our Facebook Virtual HQ and if not then post your event details.

3) Get others to join you on Saturday or Sunday (or both!) and talk to as many people as you possibly can!  And please take pictures and share them in the Virtual HQ for others to see how well you're doing.

We're here to help, so email [email protected]uk if you need help getting in contact with your local team or setting up your event. 

We have a few rewards in mind for the most contacts made, the best photo and maybe more!  So please take up our challenge for a bit of fun and see what you can do this weekend!