Siobhan Benita's Crime Survey

Siobhan Benita's Crime Survey

siobhanscrimesurvey.jpgSiobhan Benita's team have launched a crime survey to find out the views of Londoners. The survey is now available to download and print locally for delivery in your local area.  It's been designed to be easily printed on machines such as the familiar RISO, but there's also a version that can be individually addressed to voters.

Siobhan introduces the survey with a strong message: "Crime and anti-social behaviour are real concerns for many people who I speak to in London. We all want to feel safe in our communities and we want to know that the police are doing everything they can to tackle local crime. As the Lib Dem candidate for Mayor of London, I'd like to hear about your experiences. By completing this survey, your views will help to strengthen our fight to make London a safer and more enjoyable place to live."

Download Links

The easiest way to use the Crime Survey is to download the PDF file, print it and deliver it!

You can download and print the PDF version of survey here.

Returned surveys will be entered into Connect for you.

Alternatively you may want to customise the survey for local use.  The file contains two versions - one is designed to be easy to mailmerge name and address onto and you might also want to alter the return address to make it a local one.The questions are on the master pages - please remember to keep the questions as they are otherwise the data won't match with other users in other parts of London.  The final three questions are the new "Allocation Questions" which we're among the first to use. If you're interested to know more about those questions, read the geek Sheet" here.

Click here to download the PagePlus (PPP) version of the file.

Data Entry


Thanks to Simon Drage we now have a form in Connect called "Siobhan Benita's Crime Survey" designed to speed your entry of the key data.

Under the "enter data" menu, choose "Enter Data Using Form view". Select "Use Quick Lookup" and then choose "Siobhan Benita's Crime Survey". Your canvass type will usually be "Doorstep".  Look up each person and enter the data - when done the "Save" button is at the top right of the form screen. Make a separate note of any interesting written comments.

Online Version

But it's not just available on paper.  An online version of the survey has been created using Typeform - the system recommended by the party to comply with current data protection advice.

Fill in Siobhan's Crime Survey Online here.

You can share the link to the survey with your members and your voters: Here is the link:

Support and Help

If you'd like any help or advice please contact the London Campaigns team at or, if it's a Connect Query, submit a Support request in the usual way.  You can also ask in our Facebook Virtual HQ.