Another year of misery for London commuters

caroline_3.jpgCaroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the 2015 TfL fare rises coming into implementation today (Friday 2nd January) said:
"Despite a Treasury grant to help keep fares down the harsh reality is that the Mayor and Transport for London are still hiking fares up in general by 2.5 per cent this year.
“And when inflation is at a 12-year low of just 1 per cent it is clear that the Mayor is insulting Londoners when he inaccurately claims that an overall increase in fares of 2.5 per cent is ‘freezing average fares in real terms in 2015’.
"This hike in overall fares exceeds any rise that most people will see in their pay packets, just as has been the case for a number of years under his Mayoralty.
Commenting on specific changes to certain fares Caroline Pidgeon:
“The one welcome aspect of this year’s fare package has been the long overdue realisation that TfL can no longer fleece people who work part-time or flexibly. The lower Oyster daily pay as you go cap for Oyster fares for peak travel is certainly welcome.   However, even these positive changes have been marred by the Mayor and TfL attempting to sneak through massive increases in off peak travel for people living in outer London.”
Notes to editors:
Information about the current rate of inflation from the Office of National Statistics.

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