Simon Hughes: After the Referendum, what next?

Simon Hughes has launched a new survey to ask people what they think should happen next after the EU Referendum result.

In an email he wrote: "Many people are understandably shocked and angry after the European referendum result. People are worried about whether their partners or they themselves may lose their rights to live here even after decades of being good members of our community. Many are worried about the noises already being made by firms of moving jobs to the continent. Others are simply horrified at the upsurge of racist attacks which have been reported.

"The Lib Dems will stick by our pro-European beliefs - you can read Tim Farron's speech here. Losing one referendum doesn't suddenly change our principles."

"Please take a few moments to complete our survey on what should happen next - and do encourage others you know to do so too."

Please click here and take part in our survey

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