ED Davey: LGBT+ History Month is a time to celebrate the lives and experiences of the entire LGBT+ community

Discrimination, bullying and violence remain an everyday reality for so many. They are grim reminders of the necessary work yet to be done in the march towards justice.

The fight towards equality is a long one and we all owe a huge debt to the activists and campaigners who have fought tirelessly for the freedoms so many are able to enjoy today. Let us celebrate historical figures like Alan Turing and Marsha P Johnson, as well as modern day activists such as Lady Phyll, founder of UK Black Pride.

When we look back, we can celebrate legal milestones from repealing Section 28 to securing same sex marriage - and Liberal Democrats should be proud of the pivotal and central role we played in those campaigns and those victories.

I’m also immensely proud of the progress we are making within our own party; last year we passed the ‘Supporting Trans and Non-Binary People Within the Liberal Democrats’ motion at our Autumn conference. The Party has also recently adopted a definition of transphobia, which will support efforts to call out transphobic behaviour and empower us to challenge transphobia both within and outside the party.

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