10 things to know before your postal vote arrives

In the next few days, postal votes will start arriving for the London elections. Here's what you need to know before they do:


  1. Caroline is the only candidate with 8 years experience at City HallShe knows how to keep London moving and has a plan for 1/2 price fares before 7:30am, a 1 hour bus ticket and to invest in our transport network (find out more here: bit.ly/transport).
  2. Caroline will get serious about police on the streets, adding 3,000 more police including more on public transport and in our communities (find out more here: bit.ly/police).
  3. We're the only party with a credible plan to tackle the Housing crisis (find out more here: bit.lyhousing).
  4. Caroline will take real action to make sure London finally supports working families through flexible childcare (find out more here: bit.ly/childcare).
  5. You get four votes at this election, one for the London Assembly list, two for the Mayor and one for your local Lib Dem Assembly candidate - and we'd love it if you vote Lib Dem three times. You can vote for Caroline Pidgeon's London Liberal Democrats on the orange ballot paper and for Mayor.
  6. Your postal vote should arrive between the 16th April and the 25th April - so if you registered recently, you might not get it when the first ones are posted out.
  7. How to fill out your postal vote (check it out here: bit.ly/how_to_vote_by_post)
  8. You don't have to return your postal vote right away - you can even drop it off at your local polling station on May 5th.
  9. If you know anyone else who needs a postal vote, there's still time to register (they have until 5pm on Tuesday 19th April). They can do that here: postal-vote-application)
  10. We're the only party with a bold, positive plan to make London work for everyone (read more here: bit.ly/manifesto)