Ready To Go 2018 - Training Events

rtg2018_800.jpgOur programme of training events for Autumn 2018 at LDHQ covering many of the technical techniques of campaign operation - and more sessions offering content advice are being planned later.

Sessions run 6:30pm to 8:00pm and there will be time at the end for questions and additional advice.



  • An introduction to PagePlus

    An introduction to PagePlus

    How to adapt a template to create a focus and the “Golden rules” for creating leaflets. Plus creating a basic residents’ survey from a template.

  • Nationbuilder: behind the scenes

    Nationbuilder: behind the scenes

    How to send e-mails using Nationbuilder, and use tags and filters to sort data. Also use Nationbuilder to set up a survey.

  • Nationbuilder web presence

    Nationbuilder web presence

    How to upload a news story, create an event (including ticketed events) and link Nationbuilder to social media accounts.

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