After a year of dithering the Mayor finally does the right thing on the Garden Bridge – Caroline Pidgeon

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem, says that Boris Johnson's Garden Bridge "vanity project" is now "dead in the water" after Sadiq Khan has at long last made a decision not to guarantee future funding.

Commenting on the Mayor's announcement that the GLA will not be providing Mayoral guarantees for the Garden Bridge project Caroline said: “The Mayor has taken a year to make this decision and while he has been dithering more money has been wasted.   Yet while it is regrettable that Sadiq Khan has taken so long to make a decision he has finally done the right thing following Dame Margaret Hodge's damning report.

“it is quite clear this vanity project of Boris Johnson's would end up as a bottomless pit for the public purse. 

“It is now dead in the water and will be held up for many years as a case study on wasting public money and poor decision making at both government and Mayoral level.”

Time to tackle London's housing crisis

Time to tackle London's housing crisis

Back Caroline's to create a new £2 billion housing investment fund to deliver 200,000 new homes across London.