Duwayne Brooks

The Lib Dems have always had great activists, supporters and members from all backgrounds and from all over the UK. Our biggest handicap even when in Government was our failure to communicate effectively. We saw that in abundance during the General Election. No one understood what we stood for. No one could relate to how our enacted manifesto commitments benefited them. This time around in London we cannot allow the same failures that wiped out all but one of our MP's to continue leading up to May's elections. We need list members with voices that carry weight. Voices the public want to hear, faces that reflect London's diversity. Let's not forget that Labour received 63% of the vote from the BME community, with the Tories on 29% and us 4%. We risk being wiped out on the on the London assembly unless we campaign in a different way to what we are used to. The list election should not be about who promises to do what on nice glossy leaflets. It should be about who can attract the votes we need to build on what has been a decreasing vote share for the past 2 elections. By voting for me as your first preference you give the party a much added public boost in diversity not only in perception but policies that benefit the ordinary Londoner too. A Duwayne Brooks OBE at the top of the list will boost our campaign all over London attracting far more votes for our team. Members. Please give me your 1st preference and lets boost this campaign together.

Contact me at: @duwaynebrooks 07999 822441