Dawn Barnes

Dawn has lived in North London since 2007. She works for King’s College London in student recruitment. Previously, she worked as a communications manager for a national charity that supports people who misuse alcohol and substances and other vulnerable people, including the homeless and victims of human trafficking and domestic violence, until she was made redundant in 2013. She then spent some time unemployed and has firsthand knowledge as to how the recession affects people, their work and income.

She has also worked in the built environment and planning sector, energy and sustainable development, retail, a local council and as a PR consultant to various businesses.

Dawn loves to read and is a founder member of the North London Reading Group (www.northlondonreadinggroup.co.uk) – now a network of several groups across London – as well as the co-organiser of small literary events in the capital. She has just finished a three year term as a trustee for Booktrust.

Political Experience

In 2010, Dawn was chosen to stand against the Conservative party leader, David Cameron. She finished second, leading a campaign that resulted in the Lib Dems doubling their lead over Labour and having a net gain in councillors in the 2010 elections.

Since 2010, she led a cross-party team in the fairer votes campaign, delivering a Yes vote in Haringey and stood as a constituency candidate for Enfield & Haringey in the Greater London Assembly elections, holding the Liberal Democrat position. In 2014, she stood for council in Haringey and, although unsuccessful, she was a key player in a campaign that delivered the second largest Lib Dem group in a Labour-facing London borough.

In 2015, she volunteered tirelessly for Lynne Featherstone, the former MP for Hornsey & Wood Green.

Dawn is an elected member of both the Federal Executive and the London Region Executive.


Dawn was among the first intake to the Leadership Programme in September 2011 and is a keen advocate of women, young people and BAME potential candidates, giving them as much support as possible to encourage diversity in the party.

She is an active campaigner and her successes include:

  • campaigning to bring almost 400 empty London homes back into use, securing £54m of funding from the Mayor of London
  • working with people from Labour, the Greens, UKIP and the Conservatives, as well as non-party members across Enfield and Haringey to change our electoral system standing for parliament and the Greater London assembly as the constituency candidate for Enfield & Haringey.


website: www.dawnbarnes.org.uk
email: dawn@dawnbarnes.org.uk
twitter: www.twitter.com/Dawn_Barnes - @Dawn_Barnes
facebook: www.facebook.com/DawnLibDem