Annabel Mullin - PPC for Kensington

annabel_mullin.jpgAs our country enters its greatest period of uncertainty in decades, the person you choose to represent Kensington in parliament becomes ever more important. I am standing to represent Kensington because I believe I have the range of skills and experiences necessary from the private and public sectors, and values that reflect those of Kensington residents.

I am not simply standing in this election. I am applying for a job as the Member of Parliament for Kensington – and you are my employer.

As a constable in the Metropolitan Police, I was a frontline officer dealing with community concerns, and later in the robbery and burglary team. I twice policed the Notting Hill Carnival.

As a NHS clinical psychologist, I worked to help offenders return to society at the end of their sentence. I also understand the financial crisis faced by the NHS and the crippling effect a hard Brexit would have on NHS resources and staff from overseas.

Working in the City, first in the energy sector with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then as a recruiter for senior financial roles, I understand its importance to both our city and our country. A Hard Brexit, supported by Kensington's Conservative MP, would result in the movement of financial jobs overseas, billions lost in tax revenue and our status as the world’s financial capital at risk.

Countless local residents, many of whom have never voted Liberal Democrat before, have told me they are lending me their support to fight a disastrous Hard Brexit. Is it right that Kensington, where 7 in 10 voters chose to Remain in the EU and is home to more EU expats than anywhere else, should be represented by someone who not only campaigned for Leave, but votes for a Hard Brexit and withdrawal from the single market?

A vote for me is a vote to avoid a disastrous Hard Brexit, and a vote for someone who will truly represent the values shared by residents of Kensington.






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